Visual Search

Instantly snap a photo and search the product on web site or mobile appication

Optical Character Recognition

Extract text within images, recognize web sites, phones, etc..

Nudity Detection

Automatically filter images that contains adult content

A New Shopping Experience!

Adapt m-commerce world earlier! Now it's the time to shop by snapping. Enable your customers to snap and buy your products from catalogs, bilboards, ads or directly.

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Extract Text From Images

  • Read the text inside images
  • Detect web sites
  • Detect and validate phone numbers
  • Detect banned words inside images
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Detect Adult Content Easily

You can decrease control processing by filtering unwanted images instantly with SnapBuy. Take control of your contents with more secure images.

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Image Labeling and Classification

Classify and auto-label millions of products based your own categories.

Visual Relevancy Engine

Auto group and sort visualy relevant products.

Logo/Brand Detection

Recognize logos in pictures and automatically assign brands to products

Easily Manage Your Product Catalog

Label and classify millions of images automatically with SnapBuy. You can easily detect the mis-classified products and gain labor force efficieny by managing your catalog automatically.

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Visual Relevancy Engine

  • Visual Recommendations
  • Automatic product ordering based on visual relevancy
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Detect Brands in Images

With SnapBuy, you can search for custom logos inside pictures and automatically tag brands. You can increase conversion rates by making your products more findable.

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